Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gutting a dead scanner

This broken HP C7670A scanner should come in handy in this project! I'm sure I'll find the one stepper I've been looking for, and maybe I'll use this one as a base for the whole laser CNC thingy.

The broken HP C7670A.

So I opened it and removed the PCBs. They're going back to the electronic waste disposal...

I like the way they tighten the belt in this scanner!

This spring keeps the belt tight while travelling around with it.

Remove the poisonous light bulb carefully... It's VERY fragile, like an uncooked spaghetti, and contains poisonous mercury. Mercury causes all kinds of nasty stuff and it can even make you homosexual! You heard right! Well at least if you're a bird, according to BBC.

Be VERY careful with this lamp...

I took the optics away from the scanner tray. Pretty. Dunno what to do with them yet.

Some mirrors, a lens and the image sensor.

Tray's now empty. I wonder how I will do the second axis...

This might be a CNC base one day.

Here's the stepper motor.

SLC-42D003 stepper motor.

The motor model is SLC-42D003. The manufacturer has printed some specs on it. How kind of them!
It reads: 1.8 deg/step 11 ohms.
I couldn't find any other info on the net.

I was wondering about the motor's voltage. I checked the power supply PCB again.

I love these helpful stickers. More of them, please!
I wasn't hoping for anything like this. The manufacturers had placed some convenient stickers to help me!

So, the power supply of the unit provides 5V, 12V and 24V. 5V must be for the logic. I googled around and found that the scanner lamps are using 12V. 24V is probably then the power supply for the motor. That should be convenient, since that's also the nominal voltage of the printer stepper I've already salvaged. I might be fine with just one motor power supply.

That was today's adventure. Now to sleep!

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